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Clay Smith is going to JORDAN, to create new work, and to collect research information and materials to continue making in the UK.  He will spend 11 days collaborating with Jordanian artists, as well as creating his own large scale mark-making pieces, with the help of Jordans harvested Indigo Blue dyes, the River Jordan, the Dead Sea and the surrounding lands of the magnificent Jordan.

I am becoming very aware as an artist, that to explore the complicated by very simple means, has finally took hold of my practice. I explore, re examine, sample and record certain environments that will effect the material I choose to use. In the case of canvas, I drag, pull and push this through what these environments have to offer. I recently visited Jordan to capture what marks I could using its land and sea.

Soaking the canvases in the Dead Sea and using spices that I collected locally to make the marks I needed. These canvases are then folded, dried and taken back to the studio for inspection and further development. I am continuing to make large canvases in various places/spaces around the world, in the hope to embed some of its energy and spirit, then brought forward into the contemporary world of art making.

Meet the Artist

artist – collector – director

Clay Smith will be working from the Haarlem Artspace Studios from May 1st 2017, in the beautiful town of Wirksworth, Derbyshire.